At Hatfield, we are thrilled to be celebrating our 50th anniversary this year! Our legacy is a testament to our amazing people, both past and present, and we look forward to all the individuals starting careers with us in the future!

With offices in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, as well as Indonesia and Botswana, Hatfield works around the world providing diverse, challenging, and rewarding career opportunities. Whether monitoring lakes and rivers for fish health or contributing to complex infrastructure developments, our people are passionate about what they do, and are proud that their contributions help build a more sustainable future for all.

People are our priority, and we strongly encourage and support individual career growth and development. Many of our colleagues are uniquely involved in the entire lifecycle of environmental projects throughout the organization, gaining well-rounded professional development experience. In addition, we have a friendly, caring, and down-to-earth work culture and management team, plus fantastic benefits including flexible schedules, earned days off, and hybrid work options for you to enjoy. Discover why so many talented professionals are choosing Hatfield to grow their career, and why Hatfield has been recognized as one of BC and Canada’s top employers for the past few years.

Want to make a difference together? To view our current career opportunities in Canada, Indonesia, or Botswana, or discover the benefits of working at Hatfield, click on one of the buttons below: